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Sometimes Waffles, sometimes Croissant 😉

WAFFLES or CROISSANT : Always, but just as long as I can remember, I strongly hate January and February: the cold, the always gray days, paralyze my muscles and thoughts… other than blue monday for me it is blue month! Let’s add that today is also Monday, the result is that my face reflected in the mirror says: #cantdoit!

And then of course comes the inevitable desire to start the day with a croissant and cappuccino … but today I only have some very sad wholemeal biscuits …. BAD !!! But plan B snaps into my head: puff pastry… jam… et voilà in five minutes I prepare my legendary wafflecrossaint (or croissantwaffle)… quick to prepare and so my day at least starts in a greedy positive way!


1 roll of rectangular puff pastry
Forest fruit jam to taste
To decorate:
Fresh berries to taste
Icing sugar to taste


CROISSANTWAFFLES or WAFFLCROISSANT ? Cut the puff pastry into squares of 10 cm per side. Place a spoonful of jam in the center of each square; fold the square of puff pastry in half, forming a triangle then seal the sides with the help of a fork. Cook each triangle in the waffle maker for about 2/3 minutes, or in any case until the surface of the waffles is golden. Decorate with icing sugar and berries.

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